The sands, they bring conflict as well as prosperity. The sun may produce a hardened people, a culture of honorable warriors seeking justice and glory, but it also produces less virtuous warriors, the like of pirates and bandits. The cities contain many opportunities for honest work, like that of merchants, builders, and officials, but also attracts petty thieves, prostitutes, and enemy armies. Empires and Nations rise, singing with voice of a united people, but they also fall, becoming corrupted by their own arrogance. Even that most divine of abilities, magic, can be turned sinful, creating sorcerers and warlocks. This is the world of Almarkezia, a land that has everything from crusading knights from the northwest to tribal kings to the south, passing through the empires of the great sultans to the east.

The world of Almarkezia is inspired by the cultures and conflicts of eastern Europe, northern Africa, and the middle east during the renaissance period, so from the 13th to 16th century. That means that their is a great mix and match of cultures, lands, and technologies that give players and great variety of options, including different types of characters, interesting quests to resolve, equipment to find, buy, or sell, as well as many ancient ruins to explore. Apart from the more vast amounts of cultures, another thing distinguishes The Spirits of Almarkezia (TSoA) from other settings, and that is the inclusion of firearms. Though not incredibly common, by the time period that the setting is based on, arquebus’ and muskets had already been invented, so that is another options players may consider.

If anyone out their is interested in playing in such a world, just contact me. The game will probably take place on Saturdays, starting around 2, in the San Mateo public library, but that is still up to debate and the group can decide once we’re ready to get started. This wiki should expand with more details about the world as time goes on, so you can read that to learn more once it is ready.

The Spirits of Almarkezia